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The Barnett Argument in a nutshell (Esquire)

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Thomas Barnett on C-span

A nice collection of videos for sale and viewing Several videos are also available on YouTube. I would recommend getting the book — it is pretty well discounted on Amazon.

The liberal response to this guy can be really irritating. He is offering the solution of how it is possible to create an arm of the UN that can solve the problems which occurred in Rwanda and Darfur without having an extended military occupation. I don’t like tanks, but I recognize that in a world where people did what they did with machetes in Rwanda, that tanks are sometimes called for. The question is who controls them, and how soon do they come out so you can get back to business. If Barnett offends you, I suggest that you check your rhetoric — do you have an answer for how to handle someone like Mugabe?


August 9, 2007 - Posted by | People who fucking Rock

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  1. Answer on how to handle Mugabe: the Mozambique technique. Quick, effective, and it rhymes!

    Well, it rhymes… sometimes…

    Briefley, it’s two quick shots to center mass (the body) followed by one carefully placed headshot. Almost guaranteed to drop your target and ensure s/he doesn’t get up again, ever.

    Why was this not done? Where was the will to stop him? Why was it not acted upon?

    Comment by Chuk Baldock | August 14, 2007 | Reply

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