Pure signal.

The Chandra X-ray observatory

The Chandra X-ray observatory

A good description of the telescope and why it exists

Chandra pictures and information

Wikipedia Entry for Chandra

Technical information for Chandra clients

Where is Chandra now? I wonder if you could see it with a small telescope if it passes over head.

Top 10 images according to — the Crab Nebula shot is worth the price of admission. (oh wait, it’s free!)

Our nearest neighbor in x-ray

It is tempting, but beyond the scope of what I want to do with this page to go through a detailed presentation of 20-30 articles and discussions on the web dealing with the Chandra. The experiment has less of the immediate awe-striking power of the Hubble — so the science doesn’t percolate out of the astronomy community as fast, but the finds are just as remarkable. In fact, it might even be a mark of sophistication as you learn to feel the same awe for the more dry and abstract Chandra findings that you do for the great plush Hubble pictures. If you are anything of an astronomy geek — just Google Chandra Observatory on the web and start reading. You will find it to be an unusually content rich niche of the web.

These tools are the human intellectual frontier. They define and inform our myths as the constellations and the edge of the world used to. What is different now is that the information comes back to us and is available for our immediate exploration strikingly quickly. You can be one of the first humans to put these ideas together. Even if you don’t know anything about Astronomy right now, if you have access to a computer you can log on to sites like MIT’s Open Course Ware site and learn about it, and then look around at the tremendous amount of information which is available to anyone with a browser. Here be dragons.


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