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People Are Afraid of Glass

The most under-represented art in the DIY community is glasswork. I don’t mean fruity stupid coffetable vase design, because (sorry such a philistine) who cares? I mean actual useful glasswork. Vacuum devices, lenses, custom scientific glassware, custom coffee pots etc. I have some limited experience working with glass off a small burner with no real technical requirements (whatever crap I made was fine because it was for my own amusement.) However, within that limited experience, and to everything I have read since, it doesn’t seem to be any harder than welding, and like welding, it opens up a whole world for the manipulation and investigation of reality.

Photo Techniques article on lens grinding

Scientific glassblowing tutorial

Glassblowing basics

Amatuer Telescope Makers eyepieces and lenses

What is remarkable to me isn’t so much that people avoid this difficult but rewarding pursuit, but that on being questioned about it (why don’t you try making your own lens?) they respond with fear and defensiveness. I wonder if this is a left over from the time when only wizards and witches toyed with alembics and astronomical apparatus.

Make your own vacuum pump

Vacuum tube electronics

Vacuum tube basics


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