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Greedy JK Rowling throws her weight around in India

JK Rowling knows which side her bread is buttered on.

BBC article on JK Rowling’s suit against a local religious festival

Scottsman’s article on JK Rowling’s suit against a local religious festival

On behalf of the human imagination I would like to pronounce an Internet fatwa on all JK Rowling intellectual property.

If Penguin books is successful in this egregious cultural/legal bullying, then I think anyone who cares about such things should digitize and distribute JK Rowling’s intellectual property without fear of karmic repercussions. Don’t boycott — distribute.

Punish greed by making it expensive.

I would hope that after making your first billion dollars a person would lose their taste for picking on community festival organizers.

And, JK, if it really is your lawyers and not you, then tell them to stop it. Publicly. Because you are the one who’s going to be wearing the albatross.


Yes, it was about the money.


She also is suing the creator of a reference website which she has admitted using while preparing the book. I’m sorry to say it appears that she is an icky icky person. She wants to make an encyclopedia of her own (because she isn’t getting enough off the movies) and apparently all of the work that one of her loyal fans has done might compete with her own work. Of course, considering the fact that she invented magic, and language, and boarding school, and children — it seems reasonable to me that she would guard her intellectual property. If she isn’t careful, she might spend herself under $500 million someday, and if she doesn’t have the corner on the market of something at that point then she might have to expend some energy to write another novel. Why soar when you can coast?


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