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No Compromise

Never argue with a bottom-feeder over a piece of detritus. Maybe you have been slumming, maybe you got caught in a down-draft — you don’t know how it happened. It happens to everyone, you just find yourself in what can only be called, in reference to your own highest principles and objectives, a bad part of town. Maybe you are repairing the toilet in your girlfriends college digs, and one of the other girls there has a date who wants to get into a pissing match over the brand of sealant you use. Consider the possibility that toilet sealant might possibly be the most important thing in this guys life. Consider that impressing women with macho bluster over toilet sealant may be this guys only strategy to make enough of an impression on the ladies to get a chance to replicate himself.

Either way, it’s not your battle.

I think about this when I see the eruption of videos of people getting tazered by cops. I want to tell them — this 180 pound mook who you are going head to head with over your dignity and how you expect to be treated — maybe he has a community college degree in criminal justice, and maybe not. But this moment of standing there red in the face and yelling at you about public drunkenness, or skateboarding, or weather or not all Muslims are terrorists — this moment is all he has. He gets up every day and primps in the mirror his badass face, just waiting for some punk to give him the ability to pop him with a gazillion volts, or a bullet, or spray him in the face with pepper spray. He has no real power, so why are you going to insist in the brief interaction where you guys are sharing air, that he accede to your metaphysical principles. It’s not about metaphysical principals — it’s about his being a chest beating bottom feeder. Don’t fight with him unless you are a chest beating bottom feeder too, because he is fighting for the last little bit of firm ground before drowning in the ocean of recognition of his own worthlessness.

Don’t fight with him unless you are willing to give everything you have to crush a single chest beating bottom feeder. Will you go to jail to kill this man? Then check yourself and walk away. Or wait and say “Yes, sir.” until he allows you to leave.

His dad called out to him when he came home with his first black eye “Are you a fagot? Are you a pussy?” so you really want to talk to this guy about gay rights, or the equality of women, or the fact that all men are brothers? Is this fight going to make the world a more fair place?

Or the know-it-all mouthing off at Denny’s — is it worth it? Is it worth it to parade to the graveyard staff and the homeless guy at the counter in order to win a fight with some random drunk guy over the subject that he got his bachelors degree in at some liberal arts college 25 years ago? Of course he hasn’t read anything in the last 25 years, so he’s barfing out some crap that was a fad in the 70’s and you probably know more about whatever your talking about just by virtue of what has appeared on 20/20 and besides your sober and he’s drunk, but so what?

That moment on stage in front of the Denny’s wait staff is all that fucker has.

Are you going to fight him for it? It’s a piece of detritus. You have got to pick you battles. You want to fight your equals over real shiny malleable gold. You want to fight people you respect over things that are important to both of you, because that is the only fight that you win either way. When you fight a warrior, when you lose you learn. When you fight a warrior you respect, than when they get the prize, you don’t have to feel bad over their getting it. If you are fighting the shift supervisor at your local office supply store over the manager’s job, it’s not something you can really give all of yourself too. He’s going to win, because he needs it — your looking out the window half the time because you can’t believe anyone would actually be able to give this fight 100% — but the bottom feeder will. That is why he is a bottom feeder — the bottom feeder wants the cheap shot, and the low fruit and the easy conquest and the lonely friend — and don’t get in their way, because you are just a tourist in their part of hell, defer to them, render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s, and take the time in the privacy of your own head, away from the influence of others to identify for yourself what is worth 100% of you, and set out with a heart full of intention to seize that, and to give those who block your way no quarter.


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  1. I really love this. I must remember this. I am just a tourist. I need to make a list (!) of what is worth 100% of me.

    Comment by Chuk! | November 14, 2007 | Reply

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