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There is no god but man and why that is important

Because the bad things that are being allowed to happen are really being allowed to happen. They will continue to happen until someone stops them. If there is no reason for you to stop them, maybe there is no reason for anyone else to either.

Because the universe has no memory and no correction. The bad things that happen today happen and will never be corrected. There is no ultimate reckoning there is to adjustment. If you permit suffering then suffering will have happened — it will have happened and it will have been real. You cannot defer responsibility to a higher power — if you see it you need to change it or it will continue to exist.

Because what is true is obvious. Secret signs and head-games and members only clubs only confuse the simple clear and true human dramas which go on. Nothing can be made better through rationalization and story telling.

Because before you bring your truth into being there is nowhere that it exists but your own imagination.

Because life itself is greater than it’s meaning.

Because it is possible that the only person who sees an opportunity for a specific good is you, so if you do not act that good may simply cease to exist forever. You can’t count on some backup system to come in and correct for the ways in which you fail your own vision. There are real patterns which move down through world history, but you are a component of some of those patterns. You and other animals and their intentions.

Because pretending to belong occludes true belonging.

Because the things you fail to say to the people who matter to you will never be heard or understood by them. They will not go to heaven and hear a store of everything you intended. If you let them get away, what you had to say to them will never be heard.

Because the part of you that wants to experience what it is to be alive is actually more important than the part of you that is afraid of being destroyed by life’s encounter. The part of you that wants the eternal and unchanging is a life denying fantasy that blocks out the vital and fluid truth which you could be touching right now.

Because your values are only historical ideas — you could be wrong about things. It is possible that you need to change. The deepest truths you know are only good guesses – to pretend that they have some kind of eternal foundation is to enslave all of your current and future experience to some whispers and some guesses about your past experience.


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