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The Next Big Change

So for those of you who aren’t masturbating to feel-good philosophies that extend your arbitrary whims and conceits into eternal principles, or cutting yourselves to help alleviate the pain of the next over-hyped humanitarian or ecological catastrophe, I have some good news.

A group of scientists got together and reviewed the literature on nano-technology and asked the question:

What is really going on here? And how can we do it harder longer and faster?

And they came up with some answers and published them here.

Now I know that you haven’t really figured out the last dramatic change which completely altered life on earth forever and ever for everyone who was bold enough to embrace it (the computer.) And here an even bigger one is coming down the path… (go ahead — click on the link! Read the PDF!)

But that is what being alive right now is all about.

Some of us want to stop being afraid of children’s books. We want to evolve past being moved to murderous rage over the name of a Teddy Bear. We believe that the empowered human mind can not only discern that it is not profitable to us to rape children and albinos to cure disease, that we will not offend our dead ex-husband by refusing to jump on his funeral pyre, that war in the middle east is not inevitable — we can not only discern these insights, but also can create improved general health, cheaper and cleaner energy, more useful commodities and greater happiness. Rick Warren, go back to high school — learn how to read. It is not to late! You are a charismatic man, we could use your help. Join us! Reality is MUCH more fun than you imagine.

But I know you all are busy with other things, so you don’t have to read the above linked PDF that talks about the next mind-blowing world change coming on down the pike. Relax and go back to sleep. Everything is under control. Everything is under control.


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