Pure signal.

Some of the things that have brought you to see me in the last couple weeks:

rick warren is a fraud
is snopes always right?
being a successful troll
republicans just dumber?
general system administration checklist
“the joker” “overman”
troll saved to hard drive
most successful troll
day 3 of a broken heart
shout out about broken hearted
trying to fix a broken heart poem
computer hardware
awfully nice
animils fucking humans
successful troll is successful
system admin checklist
astonishingly stupid

These were some search terms (duplicates deleted) that brought you to me from Google over the last couple of weeks. The one I am proudest of is “awfully nice”. I’m not sure about “animils fucking humans” — I suppose I got that because I cuss. It would be fun to put all of the Google search terms that bring people here into a database — kind of a portrait of my blog according to Google. I’m glad someone got to my hydrobius post, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what they were looking for. LOL! That is one of my favorite blog entries. I don’t know if anyone ever looked up the reference or not — if no one did I guess that is part of the joke.


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