Pure signal.

Perpetual Motion, Perpetual Sound

Hey! I dated this girl I think…

Perpetual Motion, Perpetual Sound by: Lovers

(I made a station on Pandora called Shoegazers where you can hear this and other similar songs, but I don’t know if I can share it publicly on a blog or not. If you try this link and it doesn’t work let me know.)

baby, i know i am crazy and it pains me to find you spending all your time talking me down from heights and watching for warning signs, looking into overcast eyes that predict the coming storm. i beg you to keep me warm.
they warn, here comes another night of holding me while i cry until the morning. so lock the doors, draw the blinds, bring the furniture inside and wait for it to start pouring. ’cause it’s gonna come down in torrents.
somehow and somewhere i found you and i suckered you into this one-sided relationship. it was a dirty trick, the truth side distorted. a simple bait and switch, a failing circus of perforated promises, like i am improving and it’ll be worth it. like if i would believe them, they’ll become honest. oh, i am improving; it’ll be worth it. i am improving; it’ll be worth it. it’s nice of you to wait, darling, while i make all my mistakes. i can’t say how long it will take. there’s no end in sight, i’m afraid. but the kindness you’ve displayed without a hint of impatience, i pray that it infiltrates my madness and _.
the city wears rain like a veil and i failed to meet her glance, just the way love and opulence sails down the back of my neck, leaves through my fingertips. everything’s coming up pale, oh, i feel my body grey. i need perpetual motion, perpetual sound to keep my thoughts away. okay.


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