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David Foster Wallace

I have read David Foster Wallace, and I have read a great deal of what has been written about David Foster Wallace and I wonder if he did not think himself more alone than he was, because the wrong voices are being amplified in art criticism. I would like to take the opportunity of his suicide to fire everyone in the English speaking art and literature criticism establishment — academic and otherwise. You all are doing a terrible job and I hate you. Of course I don’t know that the “market” wouldn’t produce a crop just as bad if I did. And I don’t know the personal reasons behind his death, but your failure has become palpable, and even if you aren’t to blame, firing all of you would be satisfying and fun.

I would trade every page all of you have written in the last 25 years for his next novel.


September 14, 2008 - Posted by | People who fucking Rock

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