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40th Birthday Project — First Quarter Update

A couple of things — I am still using LibraryThing, but I am posting my progress as I go on Visual Bookshelf on Facebook. I like LibraryThing better but it doesn’t interact with Facebook — so I’m split for now.

My progress is not fast enough to make my goal. Going straight by the numbers, I would need to read 250 books this year — so I would need to have read 40 books by now to be up to date. I have finished about 10 — the reviews and associated material (including prior projects that were similar in tone) are listed under the 40th Birthday Project category tab.

I was anticipating a slow start, so since my progress has been at least steady, I’m not going to sweat the lag. I have really enjoyed having focused reading be a part of my life again — it is providing a welcome counter to the increasingly technical nature of my work and education. I anticipate that my first quarter will end with me being at least 30 books behind.

I have not been reading every day — and when I let even one day slip I am likely to let a week slip, so I think that keeping in mind that this is a loose daily project (as opposed to a strict daily project) is going to help.

I am using the original post and updating to track my project on a book by book basis — and when I complete a book I move the review off onto its own post. If you want to root for me you can keep track of the project here.


November 3, 2008 - Posted by | 40th Birthday Project

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